Stainless Steel Rod

Shrenik Steel Corporation Products - Stainless Steel Rod (200, 300, 400 series Stainless Steel Rod), Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe and tubes, Stainless Steel Railing, Bar, Flat, Pipe, Tube, ERW Pipes and Tubes, Alloy Steel Bar and Pipes.

Shrenik Steel Corporation is your finest quality supplier and processor of specialty stainless steel, having high temperature stainless grades, corrosion resistant stainless grades and duplex materials – in various product forms, including Satinless Steel Seamless Pipe and Tubes, Stainless Steel Railing, Bar, Flat, Pipe, Tube, ERW Pipes and Tubes, Alloy Steel Bar and Pipes.

We mainly concentrate in stocking the full range of stainless steel and aluminium flat and long products and dispense an extensive range of standard and customized extruded aluminium products including the aluminium architectural systems and hardware. We have made a brand name in the market by making relentless efforts to cater the clients with the finest quality of pipes, tubes and fitting components. All the offered stainless steel rod products can be cut to your exact requirements.

stainless steel rod

Our Vision

Shrenik Steel is enthusiastic to safely producing the premium quality steel products for our valued customers, delivering them on time and provide them with outstanding service.

Our Mission

Our main motto is to provide the good quality of stainless steel solutions to the customers in quick time for new component developments using the latest manufacturing..

Stainless Steel Rod

Values and Integrity

Quality Driven: With decades of experience in the Bio / Pharmaceutical and Food / Beverage industries, we distinguish the necessitate to manufacture each component according to the ASME / BPE standards.

Stainless Steel Rod Products

Shrenik Steel Corporation sources globally for its stainless steel rod products. Since we maintain a deep inventory at strategically-positioned locations nationwide, you are assured of on-time delivery. We are doing the ultrasonic testing as required for the rod and the test certificates are maintained to make sure the full material traceability. You can contact us today for all of your stainless bar needs.

Customizing your stainless solution

Our widespread variety of metals and materials can be cut to size for your ease. Our expert teams of stainless specialists present a custom cutting service, ensuring a high excellence finish with minimum consumption. No matter your necessities, our suppliers have the acquaintance and proficiency to cater to these specifications and do so in a proficient and professional manner.

Why we are different?

  • Understanding the way we support our customers, and you will see why many of our customers have been with us for decades.
  • Incomparable craftsmanship and knowledge
  • Solitary source of responsibility
  • Confidentiality – total protection of your proprietary designs
  • Accountability – a project manager is assigned to every project, every client
  • Initiate – each manager works closely with the customer team to determine and document the requirements for the project.
  • Monitor and control – the project manager is your primary contact, regularly monitoring and reporting progress milestones, facilitating change requests or drawing revisions, ensuring your project stays on track.
  • Follow-up and follow-through – provide after-sale support as needed.
  • n addition to dimensional inspections, a variety of weld inspection processes are available, including visual, dye penetrant, magnetic particle, ultrasonic flaw detection x-ray and hydro testing, among others
  • 100% on-time delivery, 100% customer satisfaction, zero defects

Stainless Steel is reduction of steely with minimal percentage of chromium. Chromium generates a small & delicate layer of oxide on the outside of the steel certified as the ‘passive layer’. This avoiding any kind of corrosion of the surface. Expanding the amount of chromium send an increased support to corrosion. Stainless Steel consists of changeable amounts of carbons, silicon & manganese too. Stainless steel is not separate specific elements; that are the name given to bulk corrosion opposing steel alloys.The best part of Shrenik Steel products are manufactured from stainless steel.This ingredient offers many benefits to the detailer & its handle in the construction corporation promote to expand. Stainless Steel constructing products ensure a huge amount of corrosion resistance without exacting additional security. There are many types of stainless steel rod Stainless Steel Black Rod, Stainless Steel Polish Rod, Stainless Steel Welding Rod, Stainless Steel threaded Rod, Stainless Steel Rod Stock.. Stainless Steel is very much recyclable.

The Benefits of using Stainless Steel:-   

    • Advantages of life-process costing
    • Non-magnetic
    • High elasticity
    • Best level of high & low temperature equity

Stainless Steel Rod

When a product completely reaches the final of its expandable services. It remainders an expensive source of its main blending elements - chromium, nickel and molybdenum. It can be freely reclaimed and back to the production procedure. Stainless steel recycling is economically applicable, self-approve procedure. Stainless Steel can be chosen for use related to other materials for a sum of different reasons, not just its support to decay.

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