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Welcome to Shrenik Steel Corporation We are the main master Stainless Steel Rod, Alloy Steel Tubes, Stainless Steel Seamless Tube and so on .We display the most extensive scope of steel tube and pipe accessible at sensible cost in Indonesia.

Our organization stock a wide range of Stainless steel rod and pipes. If you don't mind look through our Products segment to locate the tremendous choice of distances across and thicknesses we offer. Our range covers mellow steel, stainless steel rod,Alloy Steel and Carbon Steel Spiral Welded Pipe and tubs.

We transport our tubes and pipes direct to your approach, anyplace in the Indonesia. Our normal sizes are typically 4 to 7m long, yet we likewise give an extra slicing administration which enables you to change your request to your right necessities.

For exhortation on Stainless steel rod and pipe details, distances across or completes please get in touch with us amid business hours by email at

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